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Setting up automatic shutoff (Sleep)

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on the remote, press sleep to set the wave® radio to shut off automatically after a selected period of time.

after pressing sleep, "sleep - 30 min" (or your last setting) appears on the display and the sleep timer begins counting down. if your wave® radio is off, press sleep to turn it on and immediately set the sleep time. the last source selected will start playing as the sleep timer counts down

while the "sleep" setting is displayed, press sleep again to set the sleep timer to shut off in 10 to 90 minutes (in 10-minute increments) or "off"

note: while in sleep timer setup mode, if more than 10 seconds elapses between button presses, the wave® radio will automatically exit the sleep timer setup mode.

to review the remaining sleep time, press sleep

to cancel the sleep timer, press on/off

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