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Playing a CD

To play a CD, follow these steps:

  • On the music center, press the latch on the CD cover to open the lid
  • Place a CD, label side up, in the disc tray, and close the lid
  • On the remote, press the CD button. This will turn the system on if it was off. The CD will begin to play

Remote functions to operate a CD

play/pause: press to play, briefly stop, and resume a cd play.

stop: press to stop an audio cd. this returns the cd to the beginning.

skip forward and reverse: press to go to the next or previous track.


seek forward and reverse: press to move forward or backward through a track.

Music center functions to operate a CD

skip (music center buttons): on the music center, press the skip buttons simultaneously to play tracks in random order. press the skip buttons again to continue playing the tracks in their regular order.

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