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Changing display language

To change the display language of the media center, follow these steps:

on the lifestyle® system remote, press system

press the right arrow to highlight the "media center" icon

press the down arrow twice to highlight "display language"

press the right arrow once, then either the up arrow or down arrow to change the display language

press exit to leave the menu

Changing display language of the PMCII remote

Be sure the house code is set properly. The Personal® music center II (PMCII) house code must match that of the main room remote control. If the house code is set incorrectly, there will be no remote response. For more information on setting the house code for the PMCII, see Changing house code settings.

To change the display language on the PMCII, you must first change the display language of the media center. Once this has been done, follow these steps:

on the pmcii, press setup

tip the center bar down repeatedly until "language: update" is highlighted

press the right arrow. the pmcii displays "personal music center ii" in the display area. "please wait configuring" appears in the new display language as the change is taking place

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